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The phone call and a video update!

I had to make the "Joanna Gaines" call this week. You know the one where she calls her client and says "Ooo this went wrong and it is going to cost $10,000 to fix it." and the then client says "Ok!" ha ha ha ha.

Well, obviously I am no Joanna Gaines and I don't have clients, but I did have to call my husband say "you want to drop $3-5k on insulation?" That is a fun call to make. : ) None of the exterior walls are insulated and there is no time like now to do it since the house is still ripped apart.

That being said, progress is sloooow. This is why people don't want to rehab old houses. Only crazy people do this and since I am crazy it suits me well : )

I did a very amateur video walk through tonight to give you an update. It is long, feel free to fast forward as needed : )

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