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The Muncie Guesthouse

We are thrilled to embark on this new adventure! We closed today on the property at 516 W. Jackson in Muncie's Old West End. I have to be honest. I have LOVED this house since we moved to Muncie in 2002. I always admired the large yard, fence, and the stateliness of the house. Fast forward to 2018, I was looking for an administrative office for my real estate business and have been looking for the perfect property to have as an airbnb style rental property for a couple of years. I showed this beautiful Italianate to some clients (who decided to pass) and I fell in love with it.

I already love the Old West End (Muncie's best neighborhood in my opinion), love old homes, and the space was exactly what we needed. After lots of discussion, multiple showings, lots of prayer, more discussion, and hours of planning the layout we decided to go for it. (God bless my husband).

We had one stipulation - unlike the other houses we have owned and renovated, we will not be doing the work on this ourselves. We already live a very busy life and tackling this ourselves would be impossible with our schedules. So, we met with my go to contractor, Matt Weyand at Matt Weyand Repairs and Renovations. He spent hours estimating, we established the budget, and presented that to the bank. Reed Levitz at Mutual Bank was a humongous help in this process and got us approved for a renovation loan (it was actually way easier than I anticipated, so if you need help call Reed).

That brings us to today. Honestly, I have never been so excited to purchase a property. The seller was gracious and even gave us some old pictures of the house. (I will get more into the history later). And yes, that picture is of me hugging the house - I really don't hug people but I will hug houses if I love them enough.

Here are some pictures I had my photographer take of the "before."

Official work will begin in the next few days, with project one being to clean out the house and garage so Matt can get to work!

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