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Sunday Reno Report

This week kind of went out with a bang. Literally. A ton of stuff got knocked down, thrown out, and destroyed (in a good way). Most of the carpeting has been pulled up upstairs, revealing the planks that we are going to refinish and use as our flooring. One wall that had major plaster cracking and was not salvageable was removed and a false wall in the upstairs living room was removed. Downstairs, Matt pulled down the drywall around the arch to see what was going on with it and whether it had a load bearing beam.

This is the upstairs living room. The more we rip into things it is evident (as we suspected) that there were layout changes made the last time it had a major renovation. You can kind of see in this picture how there was a false wall added to allow for the flue for the downstairs fireplace and some ductwork to run. This took away approx 2 feet of space in the room. So we will be doing this:

We had no intentions of having the downstairs fireplace be anything more than a decorative fireplace, so the flue/ chimney thing is going to go. The ductwork is going to get rerouted so it runs along the outer wall of the room. This will give us more room for our kitchenette area so I am very excited about that. Plus the floors in this room are going to look awesome when they are done. So I am just a big ball of excitement ; )

My children could not stop messing with the camera and they were photobombing all the pictures today for some reason, so here is one of Sam demonstrating that there is now a hole in between these two rooms.

These floors will be awesome too

And these floors will look awesome. And Sadie's bun looks amazing if I do say so myself ; )

This is the picture of Matt's exploratory mission into the arch. In theory the arch is great and before you freak out, it is not original. I am assuming it was added some time in the 80s/90s. I need the wall space for furniture so the main thing we are looking at is to see if we can eliminate the "leg" parts that go down to the ground. The answer is yes. Matt said he can rework it so the walls are smooth, which will help the flow of this living space immensely.

And for our last segment in "Where's Sam and Sadie?" we have the door from the soon to be living room into the downstairs bedroom.

I can't wait to see what demo comes next week. Stay tuned!

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