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It's big time now, folks

We made the paper! A couple weeks ago, Audrey Kirby from The Star Press contacted me because she heard about the project we were doing and asked to do an interview. Of course, because I am me, I was super nervous. But, Audrey was very nice and made the interview as painless as could be and I thought the article turned out great!

It can be viewed here:

The article brought on a little flurry of contact from people:

1. One of the previous owners called me and offered to copy a binder of information about the house for me. He was very nice and offered great information on some items about home. I can't wait to see the binder.

2. One of the family members from the original owners contacted me with words of encouragement.

3. Several friends/ colleagues/ Munsonians have contacted me and have given me words of support for the project.

4. I have already had someone contact me that is interested in possibly renting both units for a week over the summer.

All of this is super exciting and encouraging to us. Thank you all for your support!!

PS. (can you do a ps in a blog when you have something to add?) I have spent all of my free time over the last week (real estate is slow during Christmas week) planning out the kitchen area for the upstairs unit. I use the word planning loosely - agonizing over the layout is probably more appropriate. But after probably 20 hours of mental anguish and driving my husband and sisters insane ; ), I think I have it figured out and I am excited about that too.

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