• Rebekah Hanna

Hardwood floors?

So my first big question, the one that has kept me up at night was, "ARE THERE HARDWOOD FLOORS???" We looked under the carpets a little bit when we walked through the property prior to closing so we knew there was luan under the carpet and we were hoping for hardwood under the luan. So literally 15 minutes after we closed we were at the house, tools in hand to check it out.

The verdict:

Why is Lucas laughing? Well, because the verdict is undecided. Under the luan was the original plank subfloor. More info: Our old house (we sold in 2016) is strikingly similar to this house, basically its house twin. It had this same exact floor in portions of the home. And we have also spent HOURS and HOURS pulling up luan/ chipboard/ osb at another project we have done, so I think Lucas is laughing because it is old house deja vu. He was having flash backs of using a deconstruction nailer in the basement for literally 60 hours, and usually laughing keeps you from crying, which I am pretty sure is what he wanted to do.

So, we will have to wait to see. Matt has so kindly informed me that floors will come last so we won't know for sure if we can use these until the end. I am all for the cool look of the planks but we will wait until Feb/ March to receive the final verdict as to whether the floors are usable.

For me, this will be insanely suspenseful ; ) I am sure you will be dying to know as well. February won't be able to come soon enough.

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