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Excited for 2019!

As 2018 draws to a close we are about a month into the renovation. We are so thankful for all the progress that has been made and excited for the future.

That being said, I will be honest - this past week was hard. In particular, the state of the basement at the Guesthouse was stressing me out. We were meeting with Matt doing the final "post demo" walk through, to finalize the layout, and I literally almost started crying. When we went down into the basement, one of the contractors was in the basement digging out the foundation in this dark disgusting basement, with a work light and a huge salamander for heat. It was dirty and disgusting and he was talking about crawling out of holes and under the deck on the one side of the basement and what not and I all could think of was, what have I done to this poor man??? The foundation had deteriorated even further since we bought it and Matt was describing how they were going to fix it and I just was completely overwhelmed by the process. Everyone else was fine with it and confident that it would get done and be right but it was straight freaking out. (and after discussion with Matt the contractor working the basement enjoys that kind of work. Who knew someone could enjoy that ha!)

Now, I am laughing about it but that day all I could think of is "What are we doing? This is never going to be fixed and I have turned an adult man into a groundhog crawling in and out of basement foundation holes." Lucas and I were riding together because my car was in the shop and I said, "Take me back to my office. I have got to get out of here." I was so overwhelmed.

It is easy to see the HGTV shows and instagram pictures and think about how fun a renovation is and forget the hard stuff. And this is not our first rodeo by any means. We knew what we were getting in to but seeing the contractor hand digging the disgusting foundation sent me over the edge.

I am emotionally and mentally back on track and like I said, I am so thankful for the progress we have made so far. I want to give you current look into what has been done, kind of a last set of "befores" prior to start putting stuff back together.

Here is a progress pic of the steps. The picture on the left was from before they started. The right is the current progress. It is looking great!

Here are the rest of the current pictures showing where we are in each room at this point.

And on a final note. I am super thankful for my family who is on board and supporting this project 100%.

So here's to the #MuncieGuesthouse that will fully come to life in 2019! My wish for you is that you can find an old house to love too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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