• Rebekah Hanna

Demo has begun!

This week has been VERY exciting! Matt has begun demo. The main work has been on the first floor. The majority of the first floor will be unit 1, which is a two bedroom rental unit. The majority of the layout changes to the home are occurring in this area.

Here is a breakdown of what we are doing:

-The existing kitchen is being removed. This room will end up being a bedroom.

-The current breakfast room is becoming the kitchen.

-The bathroom is getting extended to have a separate vanity/ dressing area.

-The front living room is becoming a bedroom.

The kitchen cabinets are starting to come down.

The current breakfast room is getting opened up to the dining room and will become the kitchen.

A door is being added from the front living room to access the living space. This room will become a bedroom.

This is the other side of the front bedroom where it will join the living space.

The good news is that Matt said we may be pulling up carpet sooner rather than later, which you know is what I have been waiting for. Stay tuned.

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