• Rebekah Hanna

A teensy bit of Christmas

I can't wait to deck out the Guesthouse for Christmas. But since we are in full demo/ construction mode this year, we have to settle for a few small decorations.

Oh yes, we also got our COA for the exterior lights and most exterior changes approved as well. So, we installed these new exterior lights and put up a festive wreath. (Yes, the door is getting changed out but that will probably have to happen closer to the spring. The original door is currently drying out in the garage.)

We also did the classic candles in the windows.

That is all the decorating we will do this year.

But while we were at the property on Friday I came up with a really awesome idea.

Here is a picture of that happening:

My daughter snapped this pic of me doing the "Focus here, Lucas. I have a fabulous idea" conversation ;)

My idea won't come to fruition probably for a couple months, so I will keep it as a surprise. But let me tell you it will be amazing.

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